18.93 Acres | Newberry County | South Carolina | $80,000 | Secure Today...

    • How to Visit the Property: Please free to drive by the lot at your earliest convenience. We recommend that you check out the video below for some more specifics about the area and the parcel boundaries! This will help you get your bearings when you go to look at the property. The property referenced in that video is:

      949 Lindsay Circle, Newberry, SC 29108

      SKU: #DVL-S-0010
      Size (Acres): 18.933

      Lot Dimensions: Roughly 286 Feet along Lindsay Circle. Roughly 386 yards along Briarwood Lane, 540 yards deep along the southern boarder and about 310 yards in the back.

      Address: Lindsay Circle

      County: Newberry

      State: South Carolina

      Best Attribute: Has all utilities

      APN or Other ID: 286-1-6


      ;34.2903173998746,-81.6463318785481 ;34.2913577462299,-81.6410713425827 ;34.2919614479007,-81.6415743718842 ;34.2926802010314,-81.645307577825

      Zoning: Residential, can build stick built or modular construction, (803) 321-2166

      Can I Build a House: Yes

      Mobile Home Permitted: No

      RV and Camping: No RV's allowed

      Marijuana Friendly: Unknown

      Terrain: Level

      Power: Overhead utilities at the lot line

      Water: City Water, City of Newberry, 803-321-1018

      Sewer: City Sewer, No soil analysis on file, City of Newberry

      There is a sewer line that runs through the property which you can tie in to, according to the city. There is not a sewer line on Lindsay Circle, so that confuses the people at the city if you ask them. You’ll need to remind them of the line that runs through the property otherwise they’ll just say “there’s no sewer on Lindsay Circle”, which is true. See photo of utilities.

      Road Condition: Asphalt

      Title Info: Purchased with Title Insurance

      Annual Property Taxes (Approx): $42.00

      Elevation: 500 feet

  • Flood Zone/Wetlands: Some flood area around the creek as to be expected with a creek, plenty of land outside of this area, see photo



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