2.34 Acres | San Bernardino County | Apple Valley | California | $38,000 | Secure Today...

  • How to Visit the Property: Please free to drive by the lot at your earliest convenience. We have an agent (Joe) who can help you visit the site, call for more information.

    SKU: #DVL-277750

    Size (Acres): 2.34

    Lot Dimensions: 305 ft East and West 335 ft North and South

    County: San Bernardino

    State: California

    APN or Other ID: 0463-372-55






    Zoning: Industrial, Land Use Apple Valley, 760 240-7000

    Can I Build a House: No, this is industrial land, not residential

    RV and Camping: No RV's allowed, this is industrial land, not residential

    Terrain: Level

    Power: Overhead utilities in the area, Southern Cal Edison

    Water: Would be Well, Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company, 760-247-6484

    Sewer: City Sewer (Nearby), Town of Apple Valley Public Works, 760 240-7000 x7500

    Road Condition: Legal access via existing road dedication to North

    Title Info: Purchased with Title Insurance

    Annual Property Taxes (Approx): $632.00

    Elevation: 2,982.28 Ft feet

    Flood Zone/Wetlands: See screenshots

    HOA: This is not in an HOA




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