5.42 Acres | Chaves County | Roswell | New Mexico | $19,000 | Secure Today...

  • How to Visit the Property: Please free to drive by the lot at your earliest convenience. We recommend that you check out the video below for some more specifics about the area and the parcel boundaries! This will help you get your bearings when you go to look at the property. The property referenced in that video is

    25 Blanca Rosa Lane, Roswell, NM 88203

    SKU: #DVL-250917

    Size (Acres): 5.42

    Lot Dimensions: 706.5 feet on East boundary, 58.7 feet on Southeast cut corner, 438.8 feet on Southwest border, 789.8 feet on West and northwest curve

    Address: 0 Blanca Rosa Ln

    County: Chaves

    State: New Mexico

    APN or Other ID: R010412


    33.3660960367016, -104.699046565412

    33.3659597458372, -104.699664082042

    33.3658099918543, -104.699953038949

    33.365602468724, -104.700083643127

    33.3646310590039, -104.700084725326

    33.3645476708193, -104.700041530742

    33.3644907961881, -104.700029550317

    33.3641338666952, -104.698655336016

    33.3642137181682, -104.698492058529

    Zoning: Agriculture, Residential, County of Chaves Planning and Zoning, 575-624-6606

    Can I Build a House: Yes


    Terrain: Level

    Power: Overhead utilities in the area, Xcel Energy, (800) 895-4999

    Water: Would be Well, Office of State Engineer, (575) 622-6521

    Sewer: Septic System Required, no soil analysis on file, NM Environment Department, (575) 624- 6046

    Road Condition: County

    Annual Property Taxes (Approx): $84.40

    Elevation: 3,874.67 Ft feet

    Flood Zone/Wetlands: Not in a floodplain or wetlands

    HOA: Buena Vida HOA Contact: 575-622-0227

    Yearly HOA Dues: $75.00





If you would like to view the surrounding area in 2D, check out the maps below!

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