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  • How to Visit the Property: Please free to drive by the lot at your earliest convenience. We recommend that you check out the video below for some more specifics about the area and the parcel boundaries! This will help you get your bearings when you go to look at the property. The property referenced in that video is

    56650 Linn Rd, Landers, CA 92285

    SKU: #DVL-230052-A

    Size (Acres): 4.39

    Lot Dimensions: 658.16 x 287.12 ft

    Address: 0 Linn Rd

    County: San Bernardino

    State: California

    APN or Other ID: 0635-042-14


    34.2959889425505, -116.424109784225

    34.2960046944373, -116.426299404345

    34.295208310362, -116.426303116038

    34.2951923497287, -116.424113337166

    Zoning: Residential, HV/RL, County Land Use Services office, (909) 387-8311 x4

    Can I Build a House: Yes

    Mobile Home Permitted: Yes

    RV and Camping: RV's are allowed, 4 days/ 30-day period

    Terrain: Level

    Power: Overhead utilities in the area, Southern California Edison, 1 (800) 655-4555

    Water: Water at the lot line, Bighorn-Desert View Water Agency, (760) 364-2315 x4

    Sewer: Septic System Required, Land Use Services, | (909) 387-8311

    Road Condition: County

    Title Info: Purchased with Title Insurance

    Annual Property Taxes (Approx): $247.87

    Elevation: 3081 ft feet

    Flood Zone/Wetlands: Not in a floodplain or wetlands

    HOA: This is not in an HOA





If you would like to view the surrounding area in 2D, check out the maps below!

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