2.15 Acres | San Bernardino County | Twentynine Palms | California | $5,000 | Secure Today...

  • NOTE: The price reflects one parcel, there is a second also available if you're interested. The blue outline shows both parcels


    How to Visit the Property: Please free to drive by the lot at your earliest convenience. We recommend that you check out the video on our website for some more specifics about the area and the parcel boundaries! This will help you get your bearings when you go to look at the property. The property referenced in that video is
    3275 Mica Ave, Twentynine Palms, CA 92277

    SKU: #DVL-209083
    Size (Acres): 2.15
    Lot Dimensions: 299.54 ft along Valle Vista Rd x 312.77 ft along Mica Ave
    County: San Bernardino
    State: California
    Best Attribute: On a paved road with electric!
    Activities: Hiking, Camping, Nature Viewing, Off-Roading
    APN or Other ID: 0622-222-07-0000, 0622-222-08-0000
    34.1961567275313,-115.998099223918 34.1952972687089,-115.998096509261 34.1953115787624,-115.997105926768 34.1961710395714,-115.997108640952 0622-222-08-0000:
    34.1952972687089,-115.998096509261 34.1944378107912,-115.998093794638 34.1944521188581,-115.997103212618 34.1953115787624,-115.997105926768
    Zoning: Residential, RC, Land Use Services, (909) 387-8311
    Can I Build a House: Yes
    Mobile Home Permitted: Yes
    RV and Camping: Yes, 4 days/ 30-day period
    Terrain: Level
    Power: Overhead utilities at the lot line
    Water: Would need a well or hauled water
    Sewer: Septic System Required
    Road Condition: Asphalt/Dirt
    Title Info: Purchased with Title Insurance
    Annual Property Taxes (Approx): $207.42 per lot
    Elevation: 1770 feet

    Flood Zone/Wetlands: Not in a floodplain or wetlands

    HOA: This property is not in an HOA, but has CC&Rs

    LINK CC&Rs










If you would like to view the surrounding area in 2D, check out the maps below!

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