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  • LOCATION: This property is located in southwestern Wisconsin in the small village of Bell Center. This area is referred to as the "Driftless Area" as it escaped glaciation in the last glacial period. It is noted for its beautifully sculpted topography with deeply carved river valleys. Bell Center is 82 miles west of Madison, WI and 54 miles south of La Crosse, WI. Dubuque, IA is 68 miles south of the property.

    CLIMATE: In Bell Center, the summers are mild and sunny with more than 15 hours of sunlight daily and temperatures ranging from 70-80°F. There's an average of 46 inches of snow each year in southwest Wisconsin, and January is typically the coldest month with temperatures ranging from 0-20°F.

    ELEVATION: The elevation within the property ranges from approximately 791 - 1000 +/- feet above sea level.

    OUTDOOR RECREATION: Wisconsin is an outdoor paradise for sportsmen and vacationers, presenting a panorama of recreation opportunities. Crawford county is among the top "Big Buck" deer hunting counties in Wisconsin. This property is surrounded by some of the best natural recreation available in America. The Kickapoo River Wildlife Area is a 1,550-acre property owned by the DNR and is located to the east and south of this property. The southern portion, named the Hogback Prairie State Natural Area, is 10 miles south of the property and offers opportunities for hunting, trapping, hiking, cross country skiing, fishing, and wildlife viewing.

    FLY FISHING: West Fork of the Kickapoo River Fishery Area is a class 1 trout stream. Class 1 streams are high quality trout waters that have sufficient natural reproduction to sustain populations of wild trout, at or near carry capacity. The trout waters in the Pecatonica River and Lower Wisconsin River basins are another popular spot, and harbor predominantly brown trout with smaller numbers of brook trout.

    BATS & WILDLIFE: The Kickapoo Caverns is an 83-acre property that provides important winter habitat for three species of state-threatened bats. It is one of Wisconsin’s longest natural cavern systems just west of Wauzeka, Wisconsin. The site features a stunning limestone cavern system with an underground pool, beautiful cave formations, and most importantly, provides habitat for the federally threatened northern long-eared bat and state-threatened little brown bat and eastern pipistrelle. See more here.

    ART & CULTURE: The Driftless Area is home to hundreds of artists who find their inspiration from their natural surroundings. From local artist galleries to art found in music and farmers markets, this is a great place to find a new piece to complement your household.

    ENTERTAINMENT: This area is home to many scenic and challenging golf courses. With both nine and 18-hole courses, this is a golf lover’s dream destination. The Driftless Area is also filled with a plethora of family activities including amusement parks, water parks, and more! For golf, visit the nearby Quail Run Golf Course here.

    HISTORIC ATTRACTIONS: From Native Americans to Mound Builders, this area is filled with amazing historical sites, that you and yours will thoroughly enjoy. Explore Indian Trail located on the bluffs high above the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi rivers at Wyalusing State Park. Of the 100-plus mounds once in this area, more than 60 are still intact.

    ORCHARDS: Less than 5 miles away from the property is Sunrise Orchards with 225 acres and over 22 varieties of apples. Kickapoo Orchard is another nearby favorite where you can harvest your own apples and red tart cherries.

    SHOPPING: From malls to small local stores, you are nearly guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for in the Driftless Area. This area is known to be an arts & crafts, fair-trade goods, and antique lover’s paradise.


    Gays Mills:

    Founded in 1848, the Village of Gays Mills is rich in history and rich in natural activities. Apple picking, berry picking, mushrooming, hiking, cross country skiing, biking, turkey hunting, horseback riding, snowmobiling, deer hunting, spelunking, fossil collecting and viewing of beautiful fall colors are all here. In addition, the Kickapoo River offers walleye, smallmouth bass, trout, pike and catfish for the fisherman and is one of the country’s “windingest” rivers (70 miles by road and 120 miles by river), which makes it great for the canoe enthusiast.

    Soldier's Grove:

    Founded in the 1850s on the banks of the Kickapoo River, Soldier's Grove is the heart of the Driftless area. In the early 1980s following decades of devastating flooding from the Kickapoo River, Soldier's Grove chose to relocate its business district, building the nation’s first Solar Village. All of the buildings in the new town center are energy-efficient and solar-heated. The town comes alive during the Lions Club’s Dairy Days in June and boasts the Driftless Area Art Festival the third weekend in September.


    As of the census of 2010, there were 16,644 people, 6,677 households, and 4,613 families residing in the county of Crawford. The majority of residents reside in Prairie du Chien (population: 6,018). Prairie du Chien has one of Wisconsin's busiest ports on the Mississippi River. Two railroads and a small two-runway municipal airport make the city a transport and shipping hub for the area.

    State and local government are major employers, as the city is the site of the Crawford County courthouse and offices, as well as a state penitentiary. Retail, service, and manufacturing jobs employ most of the county's remaining residents.

    Three rivers run through the county: The Kickapoo River, or "the crookedest river in Wisconsin," was carved out by glacial run-off. The Wisconsin River borders the county's southern edge. Although it is the state's busiest river, its run within the county is tranquil, with high bluff escarpments and sandy islands. The Mississippi River serves as the county's western border. The steep limestone are interspersed with bluffs and prairies.

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