Why rural land is becoming the new home away from home

Why rural land is becoming the new home away from home

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"Why Land?" I am guessing since you are here, you already may have the answer. There is a finite amount of land, and due to global warming trends, even less land will be available for use year after year. Take Tangier Island, Virginia, this beautiful community will soon be no more due to the Atlantic ocean rising!  

Many people, especially millennials, see how rural land is a great investment for their future, and the future of the next generation as well. Many are buying property in remote rural areas, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and away from the rising waters, to build homes, and safe havens for themselves and their loved ones. A place where if and when things start to get more difficult, they have a place to call home. Even Business Insider's Katie Warren agrees, "Buying real estate in remote areas as a backup plan in case of an apocalyptic catastrophe isn't a new idea, but it seems to be becoming more mainstream.".  Land is special, your imagination is the only thing stopping you, (That and some pesky county codes, hah!) from building your dream retreat. Here at Open Road Land we also make it easier by searching for the best land you can get for your money. 

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